Friday, June 17, 2016

Can a House be a Muse? Part 1

Darlene, Melissa, and their Mother Erna (along with their husbands) purchased a Victorian style,  historically land marked house on the corner of Hattie and May St. in Fort Worth, Texas. Darlene, Melissa and Erna are the "Three Danes Baking Company" Erna is from Denmark and still has the wonderful accent. Their cakes, pastries and cookies are amazing, everything is. They purchased the house to make into a Bed and Breakfast, it will be The Three Danes Inn with the Bakery located at the side kitchen entry.

Darlene has asked me to do an art piece for the check-in area. (No pressure huh?) I was honored and ecstatic, but then a bit worried, because I had been blocked for some time, working on pieces and having them not turn out the way I want. I just had to keep telling myself that it will be fine, once I start, it will all fall into place. My sister Camilla had been emailing me inspirations, knowing my concern.

 Last Friday, I met with my dear sweet wonderful, talented beautiful friend  Darlene Marks and her funny and charming husband Jim Johnson. (I have more adjectives, but I thought you would roll your eyes.)  My sister Camilla and I had a wonderful dinner and conversation with them at Cannon Chinese Kitchen which is around the corner of the house they purchased.  Afterwards we walked to the house and they showed us all the new updates and progress, as the house needed quite a lot of TLC.  As soon as I walked into the house, I felt like I had walked into another time. I felt happy, and like the house was hugging us all. I was immediately inspired and took as many photos as possible. I just wanted to throw a futon on the floor and plop down and absorb the loving energy I felt.

I had asked Darlene to get anything I could use for the art piece, since I usually do a mixed media, I will collage old recipes, letters, photos, in the background to give it a more personal, meaningful piece, then paint over it.  Since I have known Darlene since we were kids, I know a lot about her, but I didn't know much about her mother's family in Denmark or Darlene and Melissa's husbands Jim and Bobby. I love hearing family stories and seeing old family photos.  Darlene brought me her mothers oldest apron, and 1950's recipe booklet written in Danish, a photo of the house her mother grew up in, and more, Jim sent me a photo of his grandfather with his 2 horses and dog and a historical land marked house they had owned. After leaving them and the house, I could not wait to get started, my brain started working in overload and I was ecstatic that the block had been broken.

Can a house be a muse? If you walk into this house, I guarantee that you would say yes.

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