Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today I was thinking about summer. What I did as a kid during the summer. My summers mostly consisted of trips to my grandparents, summer camp, playing outside, my birthday and GDRA.  GDRA stood for, General Dynamics Recreation Area, my Dad worked for General Dynamics which is now Lockheed Martin and they had a large area that had a football field, baseball field, basketball gym, dance hall, fishing area, picnic area, playground, and pool. We spent a lot of time at GDRA. It had a huge Olympic size pool and diving boards and platforms. I remember jumping off the high platform when I was only 5, ok, I don't really remember it, but my Mom reminds me of that time and tells me how she looked up as I jumped and it scared her out of her mind. I was fearless then. I wish I could be fearless now. What would that look like, if we all lived our life like we were 5 years old and fearless? When did we learn to be fearful? This picture is in my backyard growing up. I can't count the candles, but I think I must be 8 or 9. I am the one in pink!

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  1. So fun to see the old picture. You were a cutie at that age. I'm sure you still are, just haven't seen a pic in a while. I was pretty fearless as a kid, but part of me got smarter, cuz some of it was foolishness. And some of it I'm paying for to this day, like all my stunts riding horses (bad back).
    So, I'm following you now. Come by mine and I hope you follow there too:
    Going to look for you on Pinterest too. Pinning you under Christian artists.
    Hugs, Coleen in Ukraine